The plot today consists mainly of spruce forest with high quality and mixed forest. There are no buildings within the planning area, except for a small farm in the south where active agriculture (meat and milk production) is conducted.
  • The plot is flat but slightly sloping, and is located 265-290 meters above sea level.

  • A high-voltage route from Vang transformer, which is parallel to the road, runs through the area.

  • The area is not exposed to flooding.

  • The area is well sheltered from other buildings/settlements.

  • The area is in private hands. Agreement with landowners completed in 2022.


The site is in immediate vicinity of Vang substation with transmission grid (300kV) and regional distribution grid (132kV).
Regulation and licensing processes
All measures in the 132kV and 300kV grids require approval from the national regulator NVE. How extensive the licensing /permitting process depends on the measure (voltage level, length of power line etc.)
Involvement of authorities
and other actors
Statnett must be involved in assessing the operational soundness of the connection regardless of voltage level, and possibly consider measures.
Furthermore, it is Statnett (TSO) / Elvia (DSO) that must apply for license and carry out measures at 300kV/132kV voltage level.


The Heggvin location offers good logistics options. Heggvin is in the middle of the largest hub for goods and logistics in Eastern Norway north of Oslo.
The transport corridor north-south in Norway as well as transport from the Baltics and Sweden in the east to western and northern Norway passes here.
  • Road access to the site exist. The site is at 0,8km from highway RV25, 2km from highway RV3 and 10km from E6 motorway. About 3,000 trucks operate on the E6, RV3 and RV 25 per day.

  • Sørli multi-purpose terminal is located next to Dovrebanen 20 minutes south of Heggvin. The multi-purpose terminal can be adapted for efficient container handling through solutions such as LOHR-system, etc.

  • In the Hamar and Mjøsa area, there are several large transport companies that work internationally, e.g. Nortransport, Hagen transport and Toten transport. Other major logistics players with terminals in the area include DB Schenker, PostNord and Bring.

  • Near Heggvin, there is good access to land for the establishment of adjacent industries.

  • The region’s business structure shows opportunities to establish and further develop a sustainable logistics function.

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