The Heggvin Industrial Site, located on the border between the municipalities of Hamar and Løten consists of a total of 1,627,000 square meters zoned land. The site is chosen as an industrial site because of the proximity to a strong point in the power grid, the Vang 300kV substation. Hence the purpose of the site is to establish power intensive businesses, with Green Mountain as the first mover of the site with a large scale data center. 

This Industrial site is the result of a long and successful intermunicipal cooperation, which focuses on efficient facilitation by securing regulations and entering into landowner agreements to make a quick establishment possible.

Heggvin Development

Heggvin Development was founded with the objective of facilitating the establishment of power- and work-intensive industries that contribute to the green shift on Heggvin Industrial site. The company aims to foster growth, employment, and value creation through active facilitation. Among the primary activities that Heggvin Development focuses on are:

  • Securing and facilitating plots. Option agreements with landowners have already been signed, which allows for easy establishment.

  • Ensuring regulation compliance. The commercial area is fully regulated in both municipalities, making it easier for businesses to comply with the regulations.

  • Marketing and ongoing dialogue with relevant actors. These activities are crucial in order to simplify and speed up the establishment process for businesses.

Heggvin Development is jointly owned by by Eidsiva Energi AS and the municipalities of Hamar and Løten. The mandate is to attract sustainable businesses that are power-intensive and based on renewable energy, providing many jobs at Heggvin and in the region.

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